buy pregnancy test

Buy pregnancy test

Let’s be honest: buying pregnancy test can be awkward. It can undoubtedly be a stressful and intimidating activity for any woman, particularly when being done for the first time. But making yourself sure about whether you are actually pregnant or not will just cause all the doubts to dissipate, regardless the result obtained. Oftentimes it can be difficult to navigate within this completely new field. “Where can I buy the test? How much does it cost? And how to take it to ensure reliable results?” – you may find yourself asking similar questions on numerous occasions. Good news: we’ve got you covered. Below you can read about all the necessary things associated with learning about pregnancy in your own home.

Buy pregancy test

You can purchase pregnancy tests from a pharmacy or drugstore. They are also available in supermarkets and dollar stores. If you feel insecure about buying a home pregnancy test at a regular store, you can also purchase it online. Home pregnancy tests are easy to use, fairly inexpensive, and you do not need a prescription to get one. The market currently offers a wide variety of tests that differ in terms of price (from $1-$20 for two tests), technical advancement (strips as opposed to digital tests) or the comfort of use (strips and collection cup kits, for example). But there are generally two types of tests that can be performed at home: the ones in the form of a strip with an absorbent that requires to urinate on and another type that comes with a urine collection cup and a device that needs to be put into the collected urine. The prices vary considerably depending on the place of purchasing, but strip tests usually cost between $1-$20 and for pregnancy test kits you will need to pay around $15-$35. Digital tests are most expensive, with prices approximately between $15-$60. Any of the traditional tests, however, can be purchased online for less than a dollar per piece, and digital tests start from $7 when bought online. Nevertheless, there are some popular brands frequently chosen by clients that are advertised more than the competitors and known by women in general. Most recognized brands include such names as Clearblue, First Response, e.p.t., Wondfo, Accu-Clear, or New Choice. Many of the brands offer a whole range of tests: from the very basic strips to more advanced digital tests. ClearBlue was the first brand to offer digital testing. First Response, in turn, offers the most sensitive tests on the market that can detect pregnancy much earlier than the competitors. e.p.t. represents the first test that was introduced in the United States over forty years ago and enjoys unflagging popularity since then. Other brands offer home tests of similar accuracy, but at a lower cost. Their design is often much more simple than the popular competitors offer, however, in some cases, this could be a disadvantage as the results might not be that clear. Now, with that in mind, let’s move on to some practical matters. In order to use a strip test, simply hold the strip in the urine stream. Wait the recommended time that is defined within the test instructions, letting the test to identify hCG levels (pregnancy hormone). The end of the strip will change its color indicating that you are pregnant if hCG is identified. It is even more simple to take the test with a urine collection cup. Collect the urine in the cup and simply place a detecting device into the urine or put a few drops of urine into the designated area on the device using a dropper. Similarly, the device will change its colour or other symbols will appear on the device if you are pregnant depending on the test brand.

Best pregnancy test to buy

Nowadays, you can choose from dozens of home pregnancy tests, but what is the best pregnancy test to buy? Most of home pregnancy tests share very similar accuracy. However, the tests available differ in terms of their sensitivity, that is, the minimum level of hCG that they can detect. Typically, most tests are characterized by the sensitivity between 20–25 miU/ml. The lower the value, the earlier you can find out whether you are pregnant or not. In other words, the best tests should have low values of hCG miU/ml. Thus, for many women, the First Response Early Result Test represents the best option on the market. It belongs to the category of early pregnancy tests, meaning that the results give you information on the current state of your pregnancy and before your missed period, which distinguishes them from other tests that can confirm your pregnancy starting from the first day of the missed period. The First Response Early Result Test can detect hCG values starting from 6.3 miU/ml. According to the manufacturer, the test can give accurate pregnancy predictions up to 6 days before the missed period. Its accuracy equals over 99% from the first day of the expected period. It is equipped with a long handle and a wide tip, which makes it easy to use. The test comes from medium price shelf ($9-$15), which additionally contributes to the fact that it is the test of choice for many women. However, more and more brands develop early pregnancy tests to meet the increasing demands of women. First, interestingly, let’s focus on the test offered by the very same brand that enjoys a growing popularity: the First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy test. It has a lower sensitivity compared to the First Response Early Result Test (25 miU/ml), however, the incorporation of a digital screen makes reading the results much easier (with clear “Yes” or “No” answers). The Clearblue Advanced Digital Pregnancy Test shares the very same characteristics, but it is slightly more expensive (approximately $25 for 3 tests as opposed to $15 for 2).

Buy pregnancy test online

For those women who due to various reasons do hesitate to buy a pregnancy test in a traditional way, there is also the possibility to purchase it online. The internet is a great resource for buying goods, including pregnancy tests. First of all, purchasing the test online ensures a great deal of privacy. What is more, you can easily compare basically all the available tests on the market in terms of their accuracy or the ease of use. Buying a pregnancy test online, moreover, will help you undoubtedly save some money, taking the advantage of the large selection of manufacturers and retailers out there. Finally, it will simply save you a lot of time that would be otherwise spent on commuting to the store and dealing with the crowd at the pay station. On the other hand, the relatively low price that you can find online can be further supplemented by a shipping fee that all of a sudden will make the purchase not that attractive anymore. Secondly, you will need to wait for the purchase for a few working days, in contrast to buying the test at a pharmacy or supermarket. As outlined above, prices of pregnancy tests also encourage purchasing them online. While for the basic strip tests you will need to pay approximately $8-$20 at a drugstore, you can have the very same test for a few dollars less. Some retailers also sell them in bulks, for instance, you can purchase even 25 Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips for as cheap as $11.99 for the package on Amazon.

What to do if you test positive?

Whether you are planning to get pregnant or not, getting to know that you are expecting a baby is always surprising. The amount of information sources can easily overwhelm any woman, especially one who is pregnant for the first time. First and foremost, schedule a doctor’s appointment. The results of the visit will definitely confirm the result given by the pregnancy test. It may be that no actual pregnancy exists and the test was taken too early or improperly. However, if your pregnancy is confirmed, make sure to do your best at staying healthy throughout the entire period. You will need to start taking prenatal supplements on a daily basis, such as folic acid, to ensure proper development of the nervous system of your child. It is absolutely necessary to avoid smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or using any other psychoactive substances. Some other foods and their ingredients should be eschewed as well, such as caffeine, unpasteurized cheese, or undercooked meats. It is strongly recommended to incorporate a lot of fruits, vegetables, and grains into your diet. Additionally, exercising during pregnancy can help you stay relatively active throughout the prenatal period, which will, in turn, make it easier for you to return to your regular physical activity before pregnancy. There are specialists that you can turn to in order to talk about you doubts associated with the course of pregnancy and delivery. They will help you approach important aspects of pregnancy, including the way your body changes, your diet, preparations to welcoming the new member of the family, delivery, breastfeeding, or every day care of your baby. Include your partner in the process, introducing his new responsibilities. Consider attending a birthing school if that makes you feel more comfortable. But for the most part, enjoy this very special time in your life and do not forget to document it. Worrying about possible adversities will certainly not help you, but may instead affect your child’s well-being.

Buying pregnancy test nowadays, when considering the accessibility of home pregnancy tests, is a fairly easy task. However, the large variety of tests that is offered to women can make it quite complicated. Home pregnancy tests on the market are similarly accurate, so what test to choose? It is the sensitivity that matters. That is why early pregnancy detection tests are increasingly popular among women, especially their digital versions. Another example of the fact that women keep pace with the times is buying pregnancy tests online as opposed to the traditional ways. This is usually due to greater choice, lower prices, and time savings. Irrespective of the test chosen, after all, each of them can help you determine your pregnancy status, which, in turn, will facilitate making better decision for you and your baby.

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