hiv testing in different us cities

HIV Testing in different US Cities

Even though the spreading of HIV infection has turned into a major problem over the past decades, there are still some things that resulted from it that we can call relatively positive. Most importantly, all people have definitely become more health conscious – now that there’s such a serious and potentially deadly infection lurking around, everyone is suddenly more willing to get tested and practice safer behavior all of a sudden. Besides, there are more testing facilities than ever before, which helps to prevent the spreading of the disease. Right now you can get an HIV test in almost any relatively large city of the world or even get tested at home in some countries where DIY HIV test kits are available for purchase in pharmacies and online. In today’s article, for instance, we will talk about the opportunities available to the people based in such cities of the United States as Boston, MA, Austin, TX and Atlanta, GA.

HIV Testing Boston

Although the average number of people living with HIV per 1,000 citizens (3.2) is lower in Massachusetts than in the rest of the United States (3.7), it’s still definitely not a reason to avoid getting tested. Luckily, in a large city like Boston there are literally hundreds of organizations offering that. From major hospitals like Greater Boston Health Center to planned parenthood offices to pharmacies (both online and brick-and-mortar ones) – there are loads of options for any person willing to learn their HIV status. Currently, getting a rapid test or ordering a home test kit online are the most popular choices in Boston – the former giving you a clear answer as quickly as 10-40 minutes and the latter offering the results in an even shorter period of time. With home tests offered online, however, you need to remember that it will take some time to have the test delivered to you but many people say that the unrivaled privacy of online shopping is worth it.

If you’re too anxious to wait for the delivery, however, then getting tested in a clinical setting is probably the best way to go. Remember, however, that most current HIV tests require you to wait for at least 3 months after suspected exposure until the results are 100% reliable – that is because of the so called ‘window period’, which is the period of time one’s body takes to develop detectable antibodies to the virus.

HIV Testing Austin

According to the data from early 2017, Austin, TX, appears to be an even safer place to live in when it comes to HIV prevalence – there are as few as 2.8 people infected per every 1,000 citizens here. If you want to get tested there, then you should probably consider going to either the local HIV Prevention and Outreach Program center (15 Waller Street plus a few other locations) or the AIDS Services of Austin (7215 Cameron rd #A).

If you want more privacy, however, then you can resort to the services of any of the dozens of alternative testing locations – or, just like in Boston, order yourself a DIY test kit online and do the testing from home. If you decide to go for the OraQuick oral swab test, you won’t even have to send your biological specimen to any labs whatsoever as it offers you everything necessary to get tested and learn the results on the spot in as short as 20-30 minutes.

The price a person looking to get tested for HIV in Austin varies greatly depending on the place you want to get tested at. If your insurance plan covers it, you might be lucky enough to get tested absolutely for free. Otherwise, a clinical test may cost anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on the location. Home test kits like OraQuick are sold for around $40 at Walmart and other pharmacies and supermarkets offer them at about the same price.

HIV Testing Atlanta

If you want to get tested for HIV (or Chlamydia, Syphilis or Gonorrhea) in Atlanta, there is a free and 100% confidential option available to you. You may have never heard of AID Atlanta but it’s a truly amazing volunteer organization that offers STD testing daily free of charge to the residents of the city. Moreover, all patients with reactive results are offered free treatment plans.

On the whole, unfortunately, there is an alarmingly high number of HIV positive people in Atlanta. 5 out of every 1,000 citizens are living with the disease and the numbers keep growing year by year. Some researchers even compare the speed of infection spreading with that in third-world countries. In such an environment, regular testing should definitely be considered by all residents, especially those who are not in a monogamous relationship.

All in all, it’s not a problem to get an HIV test in the United States, regardless of your location. Even if you don’t feel like coping with the stress of going to a doctor’s office, you can always get a home HIV test kit in the nearest pharmacy or even online and get tested in the comfort of your home. It’s really important to be aware of your status – not only because it’s good for your health and expected lifespan but also because it’s vital for the people around you, especially the ones you love. Hope the information provided in this article will make you consider getting tested soon and ensure the whole experience is perfectly smooth for you!

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