pill splitters and organizers

Pill splitters and organizers

Self-medicated drugs like the occasional aspirin are an easy task for everyone as opposed to prescription drugs which you have to take every day and with extra care.

With increasing dosage taken over an extended period, sticking to a schedule and taking medicine can be a huge burden to many people. And often, we find ourselves forgetting to take a dose, forgetting to refill a prescription or guessing the dosage wrong.

However, science with its unending experiments and its struggle to make life easier has come up with a few tools to ease the burden. While they don't save you the trouble of taking medicine, they do save you a lot of effort and a lot of time too as you will soon find out.

The two tools I want to talk about today are pill splitters and pill organizers.

Pill splitter

It's such a bummer when on top of having to take medicine, you have to split it into smaller quantities. For many years, this was a huge problem until pill splitters were introduced into the market.

Pill splitters are small tools that make it easy to crush and cut pills. Most splitters have three parts, a place to hold the tablet, a sharp blade(s) to split the drug and the handle where you press for the splitting.

They are useful for cutting pills of all kinds as long as the patient remembers the dosage correctly. When the splitters were first introduced, many people questioned the wisdom behind splitting pills instead of buying smaller-sized tablets. Like buying two 50 mg tablets instead of buying one 100 mg tablet and then having to split it.

While the splitters save you the effort of doing it by hand, that's not their biggest advantage; saving money is.

In most countries, the price of medicine is not directly proportional to the dosage amount. For example, you would expect that if a 100mg pill costs $10, then the 50mg pill would cost nearly half as much, while the 25mg pill would cost around $2.5. But that is never the case, and most doctors never tell you this, and you spend double the money on pills than you would if you split them. If you use a splitter, you buy the 100mg pill and split it into two. If the 50 mg pills cost around $8 each and the 100mg ones are sold for $10 a pill, then you have just saved $6. Think of how much you could save on a more extended treatment course.

Apart from money saving, there are more benefits to using a pill splitter, some of which are as follows:

  • Making it easier to take medicine if you have difficulty swallowing pills. If you have very big pills, just split them into smaller pieces, and you are ready to go.
  • Splitting up small pills. Tiny pills are messy when we split them with our bare hands, with a pill splitter the blade is sharp enough to make a clean cut as you need it.

If you are worried about cost, you shouldn't be. According to Amazon, most pill splitters cost between $5-10, making them a very cheap and worthwhile investment. However, if you need more features, like the ability to split multiple pills at once, or capacity to store lots of split pieces in the same tool, then you will need around $25

Pill organizer

Pill organizers are boxes in which a patient can store and schedule their medication. The ordinary organizers come with simple compartments for different times of the day and days of the week, but the more advanced ones come with extra compartments for syringes and liquid medication bottles.

Why would you want to use a pill organizer? There are many advantages offered by one. These include:

  • Time economy. When taking medicine, you have to take a new pill from each packet separately, but with the pill organizer, you can just put all pills in one compartment, and, when the time comes, you have all of them with you.
  • They reduce the risk of errors. By scheduling your doses in advance, organizers minimize the risk of making a mistake in judgment when it comes time to take your dose, especially when you have to take your medicine on the go.
  • They make life easier for caretakers of the seniors. Taking care of elders can be a strenuous task. Especially when they have complicated medication schedules and have lots of medication to take at once. However, with a pill organizer, you can just put their treatment plan in order, and the seniors just have to take the whole bunch when the time is right.
  • They are ideal for safe pill storage. Some organizers come with safety features like waterproof covers, or hardened plastic casings that ensure that even in the harshest of conditions, your pills remain intact.

How much do you need to get one of these great tools? Most organizers cost between $8 and $10. The most common is the 7-day organizer with four compartments a day which costs roughly $13

Are pill splitters and organizers for you?

If you take any medication on a regular basis, you need at least one or both of these two products. They are not costly, but the service they offer you and their time-saving benefits are two features that you cannot do without.

Whether it's long-term medication or a shorter course, having an organizer to schedule your doses and a splitter to help you split your pills would ease the hectic process of taking medicine.

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