pregnancy test cost

Pregnancy Test Cost

If you think you might be pregnant, then you need a pregnancy test. Most women in their reproductive years have a pregnancy chance every month. Even when using a suitable birth control method, mistakes can still happen. Taking a pregnancy test when you are in doubt can help you take the steps you need. If you get a positive test, then you and the baby can get the care you need early on.

You should take a pregnancy test when you have missed your period because that is when the tests are most accurate. There are different choices nowadays for pregnancy tests. Some can be performed from the privacy of your own home and some can be taken in clinics.

Pregnancy test cost

So, how much are pregnancy test? Home-based test prices usually range from one dollar to twenty dollars for one test. This includes the different cheap tests, the more expensive brands and the digital tests.

The home-based tests check the presence of a special hormone called HCG in your urine. You should perform the test when you miss your period although some tests state that they can detect pregnancy up to 5 days before the expected period. In that event the accuracy thereof will be compromised but will still remain fairly high – around at least 75%.

Clinical pregnancy tests can also be performed. They can be urine tests or blood tests. The urine tests are cheaper and they test for HCG in urine. Blood tests include qualitative and quantitative tests for HCG. Qualitative blood test can detect whether HCG is present in the blood or not, while quantitative blood test can detect the level of HGC in the blood. A quantitative blood test can cost around $50 in addition to the clinic appointment fee. The exact cost can differ according to your insurance plan. A quantitative blood test can detect trace amounts of HCG which can not be detected by a home-based test and can detect how far in pregnancy you are.

Clinical tests can help figure out any problems you may have that may not be detected by home-based tests, however, the results take longer.

You can buy a pregnancy test at a pharmacy, supermarket (or even a dollar store) or through online vendors that can ship the product to your doorstep. The choice depends on your convenience, the prices offered, the tests features and whether you need to buy the test discretely.

The prices of home-based tests vary widely. For example First Signal One-Step Pregnancy Test is offered for $0.98 on Walmart. Cost effective choices are available such as [email protected] Branded Pregnancy Test that contains 60 tests and is offered at Walmart for $18.95.

Different test brands and types exist. Sometimes a combo offering ovulation tests together with pregnancy tests can be purchased. Prices also can vary from one supplier to another. This is a table comparing the prices of some brands at CSV, Walmart and Walgreen.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown, 2CT$15.99$18.47$17.99
First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Tests$20.99$13.18N/A
Accu-Clear Pregnancy Test, 2 countN/A$7.12$7.99
E.P.T. Early Pregnancy Test - 3 CTN/A$12.48$12.59
Fact Plus Fact Plus Pregnancy Test 2.0 countN/A$8.25$6.99

When it comes to buying a pregnancy test, it is better to check out more than one supplier to get the best rate. Also try to go for a test that offers a higher sensitivity level i.e. a smaller number of milli international units mIU of HCG per milliliters of urine. The smaller the amount of HCG that can be detected by the test, the more sensitive the test is.

Digital displays can make it easier for some women to interpret the results. With the traditional tests that lack a digital display, the result usually appears as 1 or 2 lines on the test stick (one line is the test line, the other is the positive result).

Cheap pregnancy test

When it comes to shopping on a budget, the pregnancy test price matters. Cheap pregnancy tests exist and they use the same technology as the expensive ones to test for pregnancy. The prices are often not a fair indicator of quality or accuracy. It is more about the manufacturer and the brand name.

Many moms claim that cheap pregnancy tests worked just as well as their expensive alternatives. Some cheap pregnancy tests offer the same sensitivity levels as that of the more expensive tests. And many women who need to take pregnancy tests often choose the cheap pregnancy tests. Cheap tests are worth it if you are testing for pregnancy prior to a missed period. In this case, you may need to repeat the test when you get a negative result. Not everyone can get a positive result when testing before expected period and thus buying cheap tests can be helpful in this case.

You need to check your test package information to determine if they offer early detection since some tests claim to detect pregnancy up to five days before the missed period. However, it is usually recommended to take a pregnancy test after you missed your period. Some cheap pregnancy tests offer early detection so you should read and figure out if they have that added feature. If you are pregnant, chances are that the test will be positive regardless of the price you paid for it.

Buying pregnancy tests online

Online suppliers such as Amazon, Walmart and Walgreens sell pregnancy tests. They offer different tests ranging from the traditional tests to the digital ones.

Buying pregnancy tests online can be helpful for you for different reasons.

You can discretely buy the pregnancy test you want and have it delivered to your door. You can go for online vendors if you worry about people seeing you buy a pregnancy test.

Buying a pregnancy test online can help you save money. You can compare the prices of different tests and what they offer. You have the time to compare the sensitivity levels of different tests. You can also make use of discounts or special offers to buy multiple tests at a better rate. The user reviews can also be a helpful opinion to consider when buying online. You can read the opinions of those who used a particular pregnancy test to find out if that is the test for you or if you should buy it from a certain supplier. You can compare the traditional and digital tests and determine which will be a better option for you especially if you find interpreting the results challenging.

Purchasing pregnancy tests online helps you save time and effort. You no longer have to go to the nearest pharmacy yourself. You can check out the different brands, the rates of the different suppliers and choose the test you want, all from the comfort of your home.

Which pregnancy test to choose?

When it comes to choosing your pregnancy test, you should consider different factors. You should decide whether you want a clinical-based or a home-based test. Clinical tests can offer accurate results especially if you find interpreting the home-based tests results challenging. The clinical quantitative blood tests can detect tiny amounts of HCG in blood so they can detect pregnancy earlier than the home-based tests. They can also tell you if you have any problems that need management which can not be figured out by the simple home tests. However, it can take at least a week for the results to be obtained.

On the other hand, home-based tests are faster. You can perform these tests from the privacy of your home and can repeat them as often as you want.

If you choose a home-based test, read it very well. Make sure you understand the instructions and the features your test offers. It is better to perform a pregnancy test using your first urine sample in the morning or to wait and accumulate urine for a few hours. This can make the urine concentrated and make HCG easier to detect if present, thus eliminating the risk of a false negative result.

Getting pregnant is a no-laughing matter. This step requires a great deal of responsibility. Taking a pregnancy test can be a good guide for what to do next. If you are pregnant, contact your doctor to schedule an appointment and receive the care you and your future baby need. If you are not pregnant, you may see if you wish to wait longer or test further to check any underlying issues that may need intervention. Pregnancy tests are widely available and can help you with proper planning.

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