pregnancy tests in major us pharmacies

Pregnancy Tests In Major Us Pharmacies

Pregnancy is a huge deal when it comes to family and social setting. It is crucial to take a pregnancy test to determine whether one is pregnant and how far along the pregnancy is.

The anxiety that comes with taking a pregnancy test usually pressures a person while they are waiting for the results. Fortunately, recent technology advancements have enabled one to have results within minutes. The type of pregnancy test to use depends on personal preference. Purchase of the test is simple and quite affordable thanks to the fact they are sold in pretty much every major pharmacy in almost every country of the world. In this article, however, we will focus mostly on US pharmacies and the products they can offer to those looking for a reliable pregnancy test.

CVS Pregnancy Test

A typical pregnancy test CVS offers can detect pregnancy at up to five days prior to missing the period. The two main types of tests you can find at CVS include:

  1. The blue dye test. This is the traditional test that usually shows two lines on the test strip in pregnant women and one line if the test is negative. Its accuracy rate is 90% depending on the level of pregnancy markers in the body. However, regardless of the result, a second test is recommended 48 hours after taking the first. If the lines do not appear at all or are faint, the test might be defective, so it should be discarded and another one should be used. Blue dye tests are usually available at a price around $10.
  2. The digital pregnancy test kit is recommended for those who want to avoid the confusion of the lines and other symbols used by different manufacturers. The final on digital test is written quite clearly: the display reads ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ once the analysis is ready. Such tests are a little more expensive than the ones mentioned above with prices starting from $13 per kit.

Pregnancy Test Walmart

The types of the tests offered by Walmart are identical to the ones sold by CVS, so we will just provide a brief overview of major brands sold here, which include:

  1. First Response Early Result Pregnancy test is a test kit which consists of 3 test strips and determines pregnancy 6 days prior to the missed period. It has a sleek design for comfort, has a wider tip and curved to fit perfectly into your hand. The test is very easy to read and interpret. It offers a 90% accuracy rate and available at $4.33 per test which accumulates to about $12.98 for the whole kit. It is also available online at a price of $5.99 with 2 days shipping time.
  2. Clear blue digital pregnancy test with smart countdown. It is the only test with smart countdown sold at Walmart and has a wide absorbent no mess tip. The accuracy level is 99% (if the test is taken on expected period day or later). Each test costs $3.69 all amounting to $18.45 for the whole kit (5 strips).
  3. First Signal One Step pregnancy test is one of the cheaper options out there costing just $0.98 per kit (1 kit contains only 1 test strip). It offers results in just one minute with easy to interpret readings. It claims to have 99% accuracy rate.

Pregnancy test Walgreens

Similarly to Walmart and CVS, Walgreens offers both blue dye and digital pregnancy tests. There are a number of available brands including but not limited to:

  1. Accu-Clear pregnancy test is a three-strip kit test designed to give results five days before the period. It has an accuracy level of over 99% providing results in two minutes. All it takes to use it is removing its cap and pointing the absorbent tip into the stream of urine for as short as five seconds. The test is available for $7.99 for the whole kit and $2.66 for a single strip. It is not available in stores but can only be purchased online.
  2. First Response Rapid Results pregnancy test is designed to be used on the day period is expected (or later). It has a 99% accuracy rate in detecting pregnancy and offers the results within a minute. The two-strip kit test is available at $12.99 or $6.50 for each strip. It is available online with free shipping and estimated arrival in 1-3 business days.
  3. Fact plus pregnancy test is a 2-strip kit test that can provide results as early as five days before the expected period. It is suggested to be as good as a clinical test with over 99% accuracy. This kit goes for $6.99 (or $3.50 per strip). It is available for online purchases only with free shipping to Walgreen marts near you.
  4. Walgreens also sell one step pregnancy tests under their own home brand. There are both regular and early tests available; the latter can be used as early as four days prior to period. The early test has a somewhat lower accuracy level ranging from 53% to 87% when used 1-4 days before the date when the period is expected but it’s generally at par with other budget tests. It costs from $9.99 for a 1-strip test kit to $15.99 for a 3-strip kit.

As you can see, the variety of pregnancy test brands is currently very wide and so is the variety of pharmacies you can purchase them from both online and offline. Don’t hesitate to take a quick look through the offers on the websites of CVS, Walmart and Walgreens (as well as some other online pharmacies you would consider more convenient) and choose the option that suits you best.

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