what is the best pregnancy test to buy

What is the best pregnancy test to buy?

The answer to the question of whether you are pregnant can radically change your life, therefore, it is in your best interest to get most reliable response possible. Due to the large diversity of home pregnancy tests offered on the market, it might be difficult to determine what the best pregnancy test to buy is. There are as many opinions as women. Some of them prefer brand-name tests, believing that the price tells of the test accuracy. Other women do not want to spend too much money on brand-name tests believing that it’s entirely unnecessary. In fact, most home pregnancy tests use analogous pregnancy detection mechanisms providing similar accuracy. So, what's the best pregnancy test to buy? Let’s take a look at the available options.

What is the Best Pregnancy Test to Buy?

There are a few features to consider when choosing what pregnancy test to buy, such as accuracy, price, or the ease of use. The First Response Early Result (FRER) test, for example, is considered to be the only test that can precise whether you are pregnant even six days before your soon-to-be missed period (with 76% accuracy and over 99% accuracy when testing on the first day of expected period). It can be purchased starting from approximately $9 for two tests. You have to wait three minutes to get the result (two pink lines if you are pregnant, one line if you are not). Features, such as wide tip of curved shape makes the test easy to take. Popular ClearBlue digital test can be taken one day before expected period with 95% accuracy and on the first day of the period with 99% accuracy. The digital screen displays the result as “pregnant” or “not pregnant” after three minutes, which makes the test one of the most user-friendly solutions that will not stretch your budget much at the same time as the price is comparable with basic stick tests (from $10 for two). The e.p.t analogue pregnancy test (by the way, the first home pregnancy test that hit the market in the United States) can detect pregnancy with 99% accuracy from the day of expected period in two minutes. A “+” symbol indicates pregnancy. The test is easy to read and can be bought for less than $10 for a kit of two. Finally, dollar store pregnancy test, the New Choice, according to the manufacturer, will provide you the 99% accuracy results in three minutes considering that the test is taken on the first day of expected period. Similarly to the FRER test, two pink lines signal the positive result. For the price given, the test offers a very simple and clean design.

Where Can I Buy a Pregnancy Test?

Choosing where to buy pregnancy test will determine its availability as well as price. At present, you can purchase home pregnancy tests in various places, including, among others, pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets, or dollar stores. Going to a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test could be a good choice when you do not have an extensive knowledge on detecting pregnancy and home tests available and require some assistance with selecting the test that best fulfils your needs. Supermarkets also offer a great variety of home pregnancy tests. Moreover, it is advised by some to purchase a pregnancy test from a large retailer, such as a supermarket, in order to get a relatively new test that has not been sitting there for a long time. Additionally, many supermarkets offer self-check-out, which could be of help if you are not comfortable with buying the test as this way no one knows about your purchase.

What’s the Best Pregnancy Test to Buy?

These days, you can enjoy a wide choice of over-the-counter home pregnancy tests. The tests available differ a bit when it comes to the result reading technic, urine placement method, or the results symbolism used. Basically, there are two main types of pregnancy tests that you can take at home. Among these, most common are the ones that use an absorbent stick or strip that you are supposed to urinate on. The results are typically displayed in the form of a color change or appearance of a particular symbol that indicates a positive or negative result. Another type of tests contains a urine collection cup coupled with a testing device. After urinating to the cup, you will be asked either to place the device into the urine collected or put several urine drops onto a designated spot within the device. In this case, the area will change its color in the presence of the pregnancy hormone, hCG, which means that you are pregnant. Pregnancy test strips are similarly accurate when compared with other tests. Additionally, they are usually much cheaper than their competitors and can be frequently purchased in packs containing several tests. This enables women to perform many tests if needed without the necessity to spend too much money. However, the testing itself requires a bit more effort. Nevertheless, for many women, the effort is worth the money saved. When it comes to pregnancy test kits, they cost more, but the higher price guarantees more convenience when performing the testing as well as reading the results. The latest development that considerably enhances the comfort of use of home pregnancy test kits is a digital test that shows the results on an integrated display (such as “pregnant” or “not pregnant”), which eliminates the possibility of misinterpreting the results.

Buy Pregnancy Test Online

If you have difficulties to locate any of the mentioned stores in your closest surrounding or if you are concerned about the privacy issues, another option where to buy a pregnancy test would be ordering it online. You can choose to make the purchase either doing some online shopping at your favorite regular store or choose online platforms such as Amazon or Ebay. Their prices might be significantly lower than in most traditional stores. This is important especially when you are trying to get pregnant for the first time as the cost of next pregnancy tests will add up quickly.

Home-Based Pregnancy Tests vs Clinical Ones

Compared with clinical blood tests that are performed at a doctor’s office after making an appointment, home pregnancy tests are less accurate but deliver the results much faster. Typically, it takes about 2 or 3 days to obtain the results of a clinical test. The procedure, given the accuracy, is also much more expensive. Although the expenses associated with performing a clinical test can be reimbursed by your insurance provider (in case your insurance plans covers that), you should realize that the cost could amount even to $120, depending on the laboratory chosen. You can also receive a clinical urine test in health facility settings, however, the accuracy of these tests is practically comparable with the one offered by home urine pregnancy test kits. Nevertheless, the doctor or nurse may help you perform the urine test correctly and also provide the answers to all of the questions you may have. What is important when choosing between a home urine pregnancy test and a clinical blood pregnancy test, is the sensitivity thereof. While home pregnancy tests are capable of detecting a hCG concentration that equals approximately 50 units, blood tests can correctly identify as few as 5 units of the hormone. To sum up, clinical blood tests are characterized by greater sensitivity and accuracy, are administered by trained professionals, and can be provided for free when your health insurance coverage allows that. Home urine pregnancy tests, on the other hand, are fairly accurate, widely available, affordable, provide results quickly, and ensure privacy. Each of the methods has its pros and cons. It is your task to consider them carefully and choose based on your comfort and available resources.

Possible Problems with Tests for Home Use

Home tests can provide reliable results and considerably facilitate the process of learning about being pregnant, but only when taken with some points in mind. Remember to follow the instructions provided carefully before taking the test. First of all, it is often the case that women take the test too early, which may result in a false-negative response. As a general rule, the longer you wait, the more accurate results you receive. It is best to wait up to even seven days after your missed period to allow for hCG detection and obtain most accurate results. Time yourself to make sure that you have been waiting the required time after performing the test (which differs depending on the brand) to read the results. Do the testing first thing in the morning to assure that your urine is concentrated instead of diluted and hCG level can be identified. Also, different types of medications taken can lead to the wrong interpretations. A false positive result of a pregnancy test may be also an aftermath of an early miscarriage or certain issues with ovaries. Another reason is using an expired test. Not every woman realize that pregnancy tests have their expiration dates and there is a risk of taking an expired test either purchased some time ago and stored at home (some tests need to be stored properly, in a cool place) or buying an expired or soon-to-be expired test at a store.

The multitude of various home pregnancy tests available nowadays clearly does not make the task of choosing one for yourself simple. Most common tests intended to be taken at home include strip tests as well as pregnancy test kits with additional accessories. Similar in accuracy, they differ in terms of price, the ease of use and the method incorporated to interpret the results correctly. Also, currently many locations offer the possibility to purchase a pregnancy test, both traditionally and online. Home pregnancy tests represent a slightly less accurate alternative to clinical blood tests, but their affordability and speed of execution provides a great tool to use as a first step in clarifying your initial doubts about whether you are pregnant or not. Given that, home pregnancy tests have changed the aspect of perceiving pregnancy and women’s body forever.

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